Friday, October 31, 2014

Lazy, Really Lazy, Friday

So, it was official. Work for today was suspended starting 12 noon. It was a lazy day anyway, to begin with. I had a class 9 am but came in late, 30 minutes late. In the one hour I had left, I was able to discuss, with excitement and enthusiasm, quicksort, counting sort and radix sort, their implementations and time complexities as well. I hoped my enthusiasm rubbed off on some of my students.  I mean, who can not get excited about counting sort? An unsorted list getting sorted without doing any comparisons at all (excluding, of course, the comparisons in the conditions that would eventually stop the iteration)! I had to insert radix sort lest I'd be accused of too much excitement over a sorting algorithm that is helpful only when the list is composed of 1 digit numbers!

See, it was a lazy morning.

I also had the battery of Maki replaced with a brand new one! This time, I no longer have any excuse to not drive Maki around (believe it or not, after seven months, I haven't overcome my fear of crashing into another vehicle). Sigh.

And I just slept the whole afternoon! I don't think anyone can go any lazier than that!

So here I am, writing an entry for my blog, after like an eternity, bored.  What to do, what to do?

Oh, it's Halloween night! Party it is!

(Bonkers! I forgot. I don't party. I hate partying. Pfffft!)

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